Transcendence and Architecture in the Spirit of the Liturgy

I am proposing to begin a series of short articles on the liturgy, architecture and worship in the beauty of holiness that is God-centred as opposed to a man-centred approach to the Mass and church architecture. This series I would hope would carry on for a time in order to get us thinking seriously about our mission as a parish. What I would hope is that many parishioners, especially, would come here and ask questions and make comments on what I am writing and to have some healthy dialogue on the issues that I will be raising. This will help the readers understand my thinking and vision for the liturgical worship and architectural vision I am bringing to the parish where God alone will receive the glory and praise we offer Him. In order to see how many read here, I would like to know how interested readers would be to engage such a topic over a period of time. Now that I have begun to settle into the parish of Our Lady and we will begin to move in this liturgical and architectural direction, an open dialogue will be important. Do please leave your comments and interests below.

Happy New Year!

Fr Jeff

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