Schools in the parish

Our parish is well supplied with schools, including the only Catholic secondary school in the City of Westminster.

  • Children can be admitted to school nurseries in the primary schools in the September following their third birthday.
  • Children will normally be admitted to the reception year in Primary school in the September following their fourth birthday.
  • Children will normally be admitted to secondary school in the September following their eleventh birthday.

Primary Schools

There are two Catholic state primary schools in the parish: St Joseph’s and St Edward’s. Both give a certain preference to children of practising Catholic families who live within the boundaries of the parish:

St Edward’s, on Lisson Grove NW1, gives preference to such children from within this parish and that of Our Lady of the Rosary, Marylebone. The Head is Mrs Violet Richardson, and the school phone number is 020 7723 5911.

St Joseph’s, on Lanark Road W9, is a voluntary aided school and gives priority to baptised Catholic children who can provide a certificate of Catholic practice. The Head is Mrs Kate Husain, and the school phone number is 020 7286 3518.

St Christina’s is an independent (fee-paying) Catholic school. The Head is Mrs Paula Mortimer, and the school phone number is 020 7722 8784.

A sheet giving location and contact details for other Catholic primary schools in the area can be downloaded here. This sheet also indicates where schools offer a nursery provision.

Secondary Schools

St George’s, on Lanark Road W9, is within our parish boundaries. The Head is Mr Martin Tissot, and the school phone number is 020 7328 0904.

A sheet giving details of further Catholic secondary schools regularly attended by children from the parish can be downloaded here.

Applications to the Schools

Application forms to all schools are available from the schools themselves, and generally have to be collected in person, although increasingly they can also be downloaded from the schools’ websites.

For further guidance on applying to Catholic schools in the state sector, please click here

Priest’s Reference

Most Catholic schools ask for confirmation from the applicant’s parish priest as to wether or not the family is regular in its Catholic practice.

Over a number of years now families attending Mass at Our Lady’s have been invited to ‘sign-in’ when attending Sunday Mass (for further details please click here). That record, together with information provided by a completed Parish Information sheet (download here), assist the Parish Priest in providing the information required by schools – in accordance with the schools’ published Admissions Policy.