Preparations for First Reconciliation at Church of Our Lady are designed as a faith journey for children and parents to take together - with full and on-going support from the parish.

Our journey towards the sacrament of Reconciliation is intended to help the child and their parent grow closer to Jesus, that is:

  • to recognise and respond to the love He lavishes upon each one of us daily;
  • to reflect on our own actions/omissions and to ask for His mercy and forgiveness for those times when we have turned away;
  • to be guided by the Holy Spirit to deliberately and joyfully strive to imitate Christ in the course of daily living; and
  • to begin to discover the saints for whom there are statues in the Church of Our Lady and to ask their assistance on our journey of faith.

Besides periodic group sessions at the parish, parents receive various resources including: their child’s workbook: I Want to Make my Home in You, Youcat for Kids and a Companion Guide for parents that offers a plan and the language to assist in this all-important mission. A Jerusalem Bible is highly recommended.

A child’s sacramental preparation offers a special opportunity for parent and child to regularly speak about their Catholic faith and how it guides their daily living. Very importantly, it offers opportunities to regularly spend time in prayer together. It is critically important that the child sees and hears their parents turning to God to thank Him for the good times and to seek His help for those that are sick and/or in need of His comfort.

Besides those moments when we turn to God in prayer each day, sacramental preparation also includes the Sunday celebration of Holy Mass when we come together as God’s family to praise Him, to thank Him for His many blessings, to seek His forgiveness and to receive the gift of His very self in the Blessed Sacrament. Our programme leading to the celebration of the Sacrament of Reconciliation is intended to complement these two essential components of our faith, indeed our Catholic identity.

From the time of the earliest Christians, parts of the Bible were an integral part of passing on the Faith. Therefore, each session on our programme is based on a passage of Holy Scripture with questions/answers to encourage meaningful, faith-sharing conversation between parent and child before doing the activities in the workbook and others suggested throughout the parents’ guide.

The parish team at Church of Our Lady is fully committed to ongoing accompaniment to equip parents to pass on in the faith home. Weekly emails will offer further thoughts and suggestions. In turn, parents are strongly encouraged to liaise with our Catechetical Co-ordinator throughout the process to feedback how the sessions have been received within their family. For further information: mailto:

The relevant sections of the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) are available here.