Request a Copy of a Sacramental record

Requests can be made in writing, in person or by email/telephone. Please note that our sacramental registers are subject to Data Protection Laws.  Consequently we are only permitted to issue a copy of a record from the ‘restricted’ registers to someone who is themselves named in that particular record. The Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales placed a 110-year closure period on all sacramental records, see

  • Details of a baptism can only be issued to the person baptised, their parents or godparents
  • Details of a confirmation can only be issued to the person confirmed or their sponsor
  • Details of a marriage from the Church’s marriage register can only be issued to the bride, the groom or the witnesses. We are no longer able to issue copy certificates, please contact the local Register Office or the General Register Office

You will be required to provide proof of ID, i.e. driving licence, passport, birth certificate. There is an administration fee of £10 payable in cash or by cheque to ‘Church of Our Lady’.

In case of a query, please contact or call 020 7286 3214.

Letter of Freedom and Permission to Marry Outside of this Parish

In most cases those preparing for marriage no longer need to obtain Letters of Freedom, because they will instead complete a Statutory Declaration of Freedom, which should then be witnessed by a solicitor.

However if you need a Letter of Freedom please download the Letter of Freedom Request form and post it to the address provided.  Please use this same form to obtain a Letter of Permission to Marry outside of your parish of residence. (NB You will only need to do this if you live in the parish of St Johns Wood, are marrying outside the parish, and your marriage papers are prepared outside of the parish also.)