New Chapel/Shrine for Our Lady

Dear Parishioners of Our Lady’s church,
I am placing this notice in the newsletter for the next two weeks to give you the opportunity to reconsider our initial Growing in Faith Local Project. As you know, the previous project included dividing the presbytery and creating flats and another parish hall for use off the back of the house. Many of you have been very generous in your support of Growing in Faith, which is much appreciated. It has recently been proposed, with very positive support, that we would proceed with a new local project which, would be a Chapel for our Lady in the south transept of the church. This project will redefine the previous one that was under consideration. It is required that the new project be communicated to you before getting started.
Why a chapel for our Lady? A Lady Chapel would create a more sacred space where devotions and prayers could be offered in her honour.  A chapel will also provide the space where small devotional groups could gather for Mass, adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, rosary prayers and in addition to this daily use, would provide a more positive space during Holy Week for the Altar of Repose. Our parish has a wonderful history as the second church built in London after the emancipation of Catholics in 1834.
Our church was built in 1836 in honour of our Lady displaying the beauty of the early 19th century Gothic architecture. It has been proposed that the Lady Chapel be built in the south transept remaining faithful to this architectural design. In effect, this project would amount to a restoration of a Lady Chapel that was present in the church when it was built. Our church is dedicated to our Lady and it is felt that this newly defined project will honour our Blessed Lady and make her presence visible to all who visit her in this place.  I am asking for your kind cooperation to help see this project come to fruition and if you have any questions, I am very happy to answer them. We will need to do some fund raising after Christmas and an architect with whom I have already spoken to will be hired to draw up the plans and execute them once we have the funds to do so.
You may contact me at or you can speak to Father David Evans at the Diocese who is chair of the committee for local parish projects at Thank you for your kind consideration of this very exciting project and let us ask for the intercessions of our Blessed Mother that she would pray to her Son that we might see this project fulfilled in the near future.
In the grace of our Lady’s mantle,
Fr Jeff

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