Sacrament of Marriage

If you're thinking about getting married, congratulations. 

Through the Sacrament of Marriage God blesses the love of husband and wife and enriches it making this love a manifestation of Christ, an effective sign of His presence.

The Sacrament will be a source of strength and encouragement for you in your love for each other. It will also be an invitation for you to be ministers of love for others, especially as a couple and in your home - as parents and as hosts to friends and strangers alike.

If you are thinking of getting married in our parish or elsewhere but you live in our parish or would like to have your civil marriage convalidated ("blessed"), please do get in touch with Fr Kevin, Fr Ben or Deacon William. It is necessary to give six months' notice to allow enough time for the paperwork and preparation to take place. We will be running a marriage preparation course here on a Saturday in March subject to Government guidelines.