Hire of parish hall and rooms

The parish has a number of halls and rooms that are often available for hire for meetings, for events, and children’s parties:

  • The Gallini Hall (the upper hall) has disabled access. It is suitable for gatherings of up to 100 people.
  • The O'Neill Room (the lower hall) does not have disabled access. It is a well ventilated and well lit basement hall. It is suitable for gatherings of up to 60 people.

To confirm availability please ring the Parish Secretary on 020 7286 3214, between 09.30 and 13.00, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.  If you are considering booking for a public/open event please use the following documents/forms:

Church of Our Lady, St John’s Wood Rules for the use of the parish hall

The primary purpose of Our Lady’s Parish Hall is to provide a place for parish meetings and social events (e.g. Catechetical meetings, Sunday coffee, meetings of parish organisations). The Hall is also available for private hire for small functions (e.g. children’s birthday parties; or community groups). Generally the Hall must be vacated by 5.30pm. All those hiring the Hall are required to observe the following rules of use:

Children and child protection Children are allowed at events only when:
1. groups have indicated this in advance. Those hiring the hall must ensure that
2. children are kept in control and under adult supervision. Children should be kept in the hall and not be allowed to play in the area outside the hall or in the car park. Further guidance is available for those arranging private functions for children. Those organising open/public events for children must complete an Declaration on Child Protection procedures.
3. Use of the Hall Crockery, cutlery and other kitchen utensils are for the use of parish groups only. They are available for use by other groups only by special arrangement. No smoking is permitted in the Parish
4. Hall, in its kitchen, corridors, toilets and ancillary areas. Quiet background music is permitted at
5. events, but no music with amplifiers. No music is allowed in the Hall when  Services are in progress in the Church. The garden is NOT available for use.
6. Leaving the Hall clean, tidy and secure The Hall, its kitchen, and toilets must be
7. left in a clean and tidy condition, ready for use by the next group. The area around the Hall is to be left tidy -
8. clear of empty beer cans, plastic cups and other litter.
9. Chairs and tables (wiped clean, as necessary) are to be stacked along the west wall. Rubbish should be packed in black bags,
10. sealed and placed in the large rubbish bin near the gate. Before leaving the hall please ensure that:
11. all windows are closed firmly, all lights have been switched off. (The light in the Ladies’ Toilet is switched on/off using a fish-shaped key on the hall bunch.) On leaving the Hall please lock the door
12. from the outside, and return the keys in the tin to the Rectory. They can be put through the letter-box: there is no need to ring the bell.


The standard charge for the use of the hall is £40 per hour plus £10 per hour for setting up and cleaning up. Reduced rates are available for weekly bookings and private bookings by parishioners. A deposit of £50 is required for all bookings. This £50 will be returned if the hall (together with the area around the hall) is left in a satisfactory and clean condition. Payment for the hall is required at the time of booking. If a booking is cancelled up to six weeks before the event, all fees are refundable. If a booking is cancelled less than a month before the event 75% of fees (less deposit) are refundable. (If subsequently the hall is let to a third party all fees will be returned). If a booking is cancelled less than two weeks before the event 50% of fees (less deposit) are refundable. (If subsequently the hall is let to a third party all fees will be returned).