Christmas Midnight Mass

Don't Wish Your Life Away

The world moved on long ago from Christmas. But for us it continues until 9 January and the Baptism of the Lord so try and keep your trees up until then. More importantly, don't take your cribs down on 6 January - the wise men took years to reach Bethlehem so let them stay for a while after the Epiphany of the Lord. Indeed, the Holy Family didn't leave for Nazareth until the Presentation of the Lord on 2 February so it makes historical sense to keep cribs up until then and gives an ideal opportunity to continue proclaiming the message of Christ's birth. And on the subject of evangelisation, the newsletter of the Baptism of the Lord (which will appear above in due course) explains how to mark your homes with chalk blessed on the Epiphany and those letters and numbers always prompt questions from visitors.

You can find the times of Masses for those feasts and the remainder of Christmastide here.  And the midnight Mass on Christmas Eve is on our Facebook page and above.

But whether you come to Mass or not, remember that by tradition during the Christmas Season, whatever you offer is your personal gift to the parish and cannot be "taxed" by the Diocese. Therefore, whether you give in person or electronically , please label your donation "Christmas Offering" as this will enable us to use the full amount to support those most in need. You can give by: 

  1. clicking on Supporting Your Parish to set up a standing order, Gift Aid your donations or make BACS payments
  2. using a credit card for one-off donations by following the instructions at the bottom of the Microsite Giving Page making sure you identify for what it is you are making your offering
  3. writing a cheque to "WRCDT St John's Wood" and dropping it through our post box
  4. using the GiftAid collecting contactless giving machines at the church doors
  5. using planned giving envelopes and indicating to the Parish Bookkeeper if you would still like a set for the next financial year
  6. placing cash in the traditional offertory bags.

However you help our parish and its people, may God reward you for your kindness.

All that remains is to wish you and your loved ones a most happy and holy remainder of Christmastide and to assure you of our prayers at the crib that the joy of Christ among us may continue to fill your hearts throughout the whole of 2022. May God bless you all.

Fr Kevin


Sunday Readings

Mass Book page 127
Isaiah 62:1-5
Psalm 95:1-3, 7-10, R. v 3
1 Corinthians 12:4-11
John 2:1-11


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