Supporting the Parish Financially

The work of the parish is supported entirely by the generosity of its members.  The parish does not receive grants from the Diocese or from the State. Indeed our parish, like all parishes in Westminster Diocese, pays a monthly levy to help fund the central works of the Diocese, like the Agency for Evangelisation, and for Family Life.

Some parishioners make their support by simply placing money in the collection bags at Sunday Mass. Obviously their generosity is much appreciated. However it is of greatest help to the parish if donations are able to be made by Offertory Envelopes or by Standing Order.  Donations made in this planned way helps the parish to budget its expenditure and also may benefit from the Gift Aid scheme

If you would like to make your donation to the parish by Standing Order or Offertory Envelopes please give your name, address, telephone number to Fr Jeff or you may phone the parish office (0207 2863214) and give your details to the parish secretary: office hours are 10:30-13:30.

If you would prefer to be provided with a printed copy of either form please email the Parish Office who, if you give your postal address and say which form you would like, will arrange for one to be posted to you.

Gift Aid

The government’s Gift Aid scheme is one of the most important sources of revenue for our parish. By making use of it, tax-payers are able to increase the value of their donations to the parish by 25% at no additional cost to themselves.  Through the Gift Aid scheme the Government refunds to a charity – in this case, our parish – the tax that has already been paid on money which is donated by individual donors.  The Gift Aid scheme can be used to increase the value of one-off donations; offerings made in the Sunday Collection at Mass; and also Mass Offerings. All that is necessary is that you make your donation in a way that means it can be recorded - eg by Standing Order; in an Sunday Offertory envelope; or in one of the one-off Gift Aid envelopes available in the church.  For more details of the scheme download the diocesan guide to Gift Aid

Please download Gift Aid Declaration

If you would prefer to be provided with a printed copy of the form, please email the Parish Office and, if you give your postal address, he will arrange for one to be posted to you.

You can find detailed information on the Gift Aid scheme from the Government website here.

Growing in Faith - Parish Project

Growing in Faith is a project for renewal of the life of the diocese and its parishes.  Our parish was one of the first 50 parishes taking part in the project promoted by Archbishop Vincent.  The Diocese asked us to raise £250,000 for the diocesan project, and we have set ourselves the additional target of raising a further £750,000 to finance a major redesign of the Rectory to provide a new parish centre. Full details are below.

We have received pledges for the £250,000 and are now busy in converting those pledges into firm commitments and setting about raising the additional funds!

Growing in Faith is about our future, about the vision and priorities we have for the future mission of the Church and about the steps we can take to prepare for that. It is, therefore, about ‘Our Parishes, Our Priests and Our Place in the World.’

Growing in Faith is a call to action, an invitation to parishioners to share and support a common vision as we prepare for what lies ahead.

Archbishop Vincent Nichols.

Link to the Diocesan Growing in Faith site, with videos dealing with different aspects of Growing in Faith.

For further information please contact the Parish Priest.