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The King Restores Life

Successions of kings and queens follow a lineage which can be traced back for many a generation, we need only explore our own royal family to note their trajectory. Human societies have a need of leadership, indeed as a race which cannot know everything, that does not have all the answers, we do look to authority for help and guidance.

King David is pivotal for the history of salvation, and takes over from Moses as the dominant figure in the Old Testament. His importance lies in the everlasting covenant from God which bestows upon him and his heirs the status of son of God, universal high king. Through this bestowal the People of God share in a divine filiation, albeit indirectly. But let us take note that this Davidic covenant did not relinquish the responsibility of kings from following divine law. Another essential element of the Davidic covenant is the priestly component: David is granted the privileges of acting both as king and priest: let us not forget how he offered burnt and peace offerings and blessed the people in the name of the Lord of hosts (2 Sam 6:18).

Here is one who was anointed to lead his people; to offer sacrifices for his people; to proclaim the goodness and greatness of God. Still the failings of David and his heirs led to a deep need for the truest kingship, the kingship of God. God the Father is going to wed the earthly line of Davidic kings with His divine kingship (Ezek 34:24-23). And thus we arrive at the glory of St Paul’s letter to the Colossians. Here we see the full divinity of the Son incarnated into human history, Jesus, as prophesied by Holy Scripture in the line of David. And how does Jesus, full of grace and truth, exercise His kingship? Divine kingship includes proclaiming the kingdom of God (Prophet); offering prayers and supplications to His Father with the greatest offering being His very own human life for our sins (Priest). He forgives those who welcome the goodness of God to heal their hearts and minds. It re-establishes the relationship between God and man lost by Adam. Marvel at His generosity, “today you will be with me in paradise”. We, my dearest friends in Christ, are sharers in this divine kingship. How are we going to exercise it?

Fr Ben

Sunday Readings

Page 167

2 Samuel 5:1-3

Psalm 121:1-5

Colossians 1:12-20

Luke 23: 35-43

Music at Our Lady

Tallis - Missa Salve intermerata

Tallis - Mihi autem nimis

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